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We’re a creative partnership specializing in helping companies define their brand's ambition, focus and follow through to build lasting brand action. Founded by Mike Leslie, Jack Dayan, and Chris Zawada, Full Punch is one of the only agencies that combines the disciplines of strategy, marketing, and design advertising with equality and partnership in mind.

Partnership. This word means everything us. While we are Founders, Executives, and Owners; Partners best defines who we are to each other, our employees, and how we work. And we want a partnership with our clients as well. No egos, no inflamed hierarchy or complexity, just a smart group of people doing the right thing to make your brand have the impact you desire.

You don’t hire an agency; you hire the people. At Full Punch, you always get the partners on every project and only Sr. talent for support. For Bed Bath & Beyond, you’re not just getting a Sr. group of people who knows the Canadian market, landscape, and people inside and out, but you’re also getting an incredible amount of broadcast and content experience. The team has produced countless spots in Canada, across North America, South America, Africa, and Europe. We’ll bring our experience to the table and share it with you, through the entire process, from creative brief to trafficking the final spots.


Don’t be a Target.


Bed Bath & Beyond is a great experience. What has been created in the U.S. and well executed in Canada gives you an immediate advantage over many Canadian retailers: Canadian Tire, Hudson’s Bay, Home Outfitters. And, your physical presence gives Canadians a local touchpoint that Wayfair cannot provide.

The kiss of death for non-Canadian brands is to act Canadian and pour maple syrup over everything. The winning strategy is to tap into our current Canadian values and connect emotionally. It's a nuance that's hard to understand unless you're from here.


Case Studies


Credit Karma

When Credit Karma tapped us to launch in Canada, we quickly recognized that there was a unique Canadian insight that would impact their business. Unlike the U.S, only one out of three Canadians had ever seen their credit score. Given how risk-averse Canadians are, they were playing a dangerous game with their finances by being in the dark. We needed to convince Canadians to get out of their credit coma with Credit Karma.

Given that Credit Karma knew little about the Canadian market, we quickly turned around a detailed understanding of the unique Canadian cultural context, financial behaviours, key segments, and provided a communications plan for the campaign.

We strategically launched with a heavy focus on broadcast because it is the quickest way to drive top-of-mind awareness in Canada and has the best potential for attention-grabbing, emotive storytelling. 

Six months after launching our breakthrough campaign, “Finding Out,” Credit Karma catapulted to become the #1 free credit score brand beating out the competitors who had been in the game for years. Beyond the Canadian numbers, the campaign also ran in the U.S., and we most recently completed the first global campaign for Credit Karma to launch in the U.K



Mark’s had lost its way as a leading Canadian retailer. Over time, they walked away from their roots as a blue-collar apparel brand for hard-working Canadians. They became a brand that looked and acted like everyone else, focused on price and promotion. Research reinforced the challenge as people didn’t feel like Mark’s was a store for “someone like me”.

After launching stakeholder interviews, speaking with customers, and adding in cultural context, it was clear that Mark’s didn’t need to reinvent itself, it just needed to get back to its roots. We landed on a new positioning — Well Worn. We then helped bring the brand to life through employee engagement, merchandising, and in-store layout and design, including signage and display across 400 stores. Simultaneously, we launched a new Canada-wide, TV campaign, focused on what it meant to be Well Worn. The results were incredible. Aside from breaking sales records, we were able to connect with Canadians in a meaningful way, by celebrating the values of hard work.



DivaCup, the leading menstrual cup in a cluttered and aggressively competitive category, came to us with a big challenge: Grow globally, protect our turf, and create mass awareness about the meaningful difference we make in people’s lives.

For years, when it came to periods, women were left with few options. Tampons and pads existed for over 100 years with little product innovation. Menstrual advertising was dated, positioning products as confidence boosters, showing inauthentic women in exaggerated and untruthful moments in life.

DivaCup changed everything by introducing an alternative, non-toxic, life-changing way to manage a period. But very few people knew about it.

After our brand exploration, stakeholder interviews, and research review, we realized that DivaCup needed a brand as revolutionary as its product. We positioned DivaCup as the Inner Revolution, inviting people across the country to join the conversation, and hence, join the revolution, breaking the stigma around the period status quo.


Well known,
but not known well.


Almost everyone has heard of Bed Bath & Beyond. But not everyone knows what your brand stands for. Unfortunately a lot of consumers don’t know Beyond the Bed and Bath. From being an ambitious brand with world-class customer service, to having an awareness of your array of products and categories, to wedding registry services, there’s so much more of your story to share that will resonate with Canadians.


a Spot.

No two TV spots are the same. There will always be an infinite number of variables, no matter how simple the spot is. All of these affect the timing and cost it will take to produce the spot. We’re here to help guide you through the process and ensure you get the best work possible within your budget and timelines.

A typical 14-week schedule:

While the process will be fluid, it’s important to have critical checkpoints along the way and a proper gating process before moving onto the next stage. Moving forward keeps us on schedule and budget. But rushing things can have implications - It’s expensive to move backward.

Week 1 — Strategy, insight, creative brief.

Week 2 — Creative development (concept and script).

Week 3 — Creative development, production validation.

Week 4 — Tissue session, revisions.

Week 5 — Creative development, script refinement, storyboards.

Week 6 — Presentation, revisions.

Week 7 — Final creative.

Week 8 — Pre-production: casting specs, director search and bids.

Week 9 — Pre-production: director presentation, casting, location scouting, wardrobe.

Week 10 — Pre-pro.

Week 11 — Shoot.

Week 12 — Post production.

Week 13 — Post production.

Week 14 — Audio, final and ship.

Week 15 — Traffic (station coding).

Week 16 — On air.

A typical $200k budget:

Of course, there is no typical TV budget. Animation, talent, CG and music rights can all significantly impact production costs. On average, your competitive set is spending between $150k and $400k on production depending on the volume of work. Canadian Tire films and produces over 100 TV spots a year, many overseas, and often three to five (or more) spots at a time.

The below demonstrates the typical production cost breakdown between Union (SAG, ACTRA) and Non-Union talent.

Union Talent

Non-union Talent


Your Team


Jack Dayan

Partner, Head of Strategy

Jack is one of Canada’s leading strategists. Born on the West Coast, he obtained his master’s degree from Boston University’s College of Communication, where he also taught a graduate course in Brand Planning. Jack then spent 13 years in Boston and Washington, DC working with top agencies helping global and national brands overcome their strategic and communications challenges. When Jack returned to Vancouver, he spent nine years at TAXI, becoming VP, Head of Strategy before founding Full Punch in 2018 with partners Mike and Chris.

At Full Punch, Jack combines his book smarts with street smarts to lead the strategy department. Clients find his collaborative and agile approach to brand planning a welcome break from the traditional. Jack brings intelligence, ingenuity, and practical know-how to help companies define their commitment, focus, and follow-through; critical filters for creating brands with action.

Jack’s alter ego is a photography loving, cross-country skiing Swede born in Pemberton - Jack’s home away from home where he spends time with the family in the outdoors. He’s also a master of Dad jokes, so if you’re looking to kill some awkward silence at the beginning of the meeting, look to this guy.

Mike Leslie

Partner, President

Mike grew up in Vancouver and studied art at the University of Kwantlen and marketing at BCIT. Although Mike has always called Vancouver home, he has spent the majority of his career up and down the West Coast and all across Canada. He has worked at small and large agencies but has spent the bulk of his career at TAXI, where he advanced to the role of President. In 2018, Mike founded Full Punch with his two partners – Jack and Chris.

A creative problem solver with a penchant for strategy and analytics, Mike’s primary business at Full Punch is to, well, take care of the business. And that includes his business as much it does his client’s. Mike’s keen business acumen helps clients and Full Punch be proactive rather than reactive to the constantly changing market conditions.

Mike is the kind of person who will run a marathon just to accurately use the analogy “It was like a marathon.” So naturally, in his spare time, you can often find Mike out for a run. He also enjoys skiing, cooking, reading the Internet, being a nerd, traveling and doing just about anything with his wife and daughter.

Chris Zawada

Partner, Head of Creative

Chris studied design and advertising at Conestoga College and immediately began his career in Toronto at FutureBrand. Following his move to the West Coast, Chris’ thoughtful and strategic approach to design led him to become Creative Director at preeminent agencies such as TAXI and Cossette. Somewhere along the way, Chris also started one of the world’s most popular package design blogs – lovelypackage.com. In 2018, with partners Mike and Jack, Chris founded Full Punch to give companies greater access to better design.

Chris champions beautiful design with purpose at Full Punch, leading the creative department and directing a wide range of projects encompassing digital, product development, advertising, content, and yes, design too.

With impeccable taste, it’s no wonder Chris has procured a beautiful family and home in Kitsilano. And if he’s not there cooking a delicious meal for family and friends, you can find him on the slopes, on the water, somewhere sunny, or making your brand look amazing no matter the media.


What’s the best that can happen?